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RobertsBernadetteNo Bull禪學研究 通号 88 2010-03-12 1-50(L)詳細ありIB00089836A
芳村修基THE BUDDHIST ART OF THE NOMADIC PEOPLE西域文化研究 通号 5 1962-03-31 23-27(L)詳細IB00132421A-
HureauSylviePreaching and translating on poṣadha days国際仏教学大学院大学研究紀要 通号 10 2006-03-31 87-119(L)詳細ありIB00134559A-
宮本正尊The Geographical Expansion of the Indian Cultural Sphere Symbolized by the Metaphor of the Five Rivers of India and the Metaphor of the Four Rivers of Asia印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 31 1967-12-25 1-15(L)詳細ありIB00002495A
水野弘元On the Pseudo-Fa-kiu-king印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 17 1961-01-25 9-16(L)詳細ありIB00001292A
松本史朗Critical Considerations on Zen Thought駒沢大学禅研究所年報 通号 10 1999-03-01 1-22(L)詳細ありIB00035240A
MatsunagaYukeiA History of Tantric Buddhism in India高野山大学論叢 通号 12 1977-02-21 1-13(L)詳細IB00014348A-
増永霊鳳Zen and Depth Psychology印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 17 1961-01-25 17-24(L)詳細ありIB00001291A
MasunagaReihoIntroduction to Shinfukatoku and Translation of Text宗学研究 通号 6 1964-04-10 1-5(L)詳細IB00069600A-
増永霊鳳Three Essays on Zen印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 27 1965-12-25 10-18(L)詳細ありIB00002092A
正木晴彦The Practice of Buddhistic Austerities and Its Popularization in Shan-Tao and Prince-Shôtoku印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 32 1968-03-31 42-54(L)詳細ありIB00002584A
HallDavid A.Martial Aspects of the Buddhist Mārīcī in Sixth Century China大正大学綜合佛教研究所年報 通号 11 1989-03-20 146-163(L)詳細IB00168412A
藤吉慈海The spirit of criticism in Buddhism印度学仏教学研究 通号 19 1962-01-25 7-12(L)詳細ありIB00001449A
HinüberHaiyan Hu-vonFaxian’s (法顕) Worship of Guanshiyin (観世音) and the Lotus Sūtra of 286 (正法華経)創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 18 2015-03-31 311-319(L)詳細ありIB00148056A
HinüberHaiyan Hu-vonFrom the Upper Indus to the East Coast of China創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 22 2019-03-31 377-390(L)詳細ありIB00187824A
袴谷憲昭A Consideration on the Byams ṣus kyi leḥu from the historical point of view印度学仏教学研究 通号 47 1975-12-25 20-30(L)詳細ありIB00004161A
禿氏祐祥PAINTED MANUSCRIPTS OF THE SHIH-WANG-SHÊNG-TS'I-CHING西域文化研究 通号 5 1962-03-31 16-18(L)詳細IB00132419A-
藤堂恭俊The Critical Views, or the Sense of Uneasiness, in Chinese Buddhism and Their Relief印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 20 1962-03-31 1-6(L)詳細ありIB00001524A
玉城康四郎The Development of the Thought of Tathāgatagarbha from India to China印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 17 1961-01-25 25-33(L)詳細ありIB00001290A
玉城康四郎The Absolute in Mahāyāna Buddhism印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 25 1965-01-31 1-8(L)詳細ありIB00001936A
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