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氏名 タイトル 媒体名 発行日 掲載頁詳細本文INBUDS IDCI
袴谷憲昭A Consideration on the Byams ṣus kyi leḥu from the historical point of view印度学仏教学研究 通号 47 1975-12-25 20-30(L)詳細ありIB00004161A
野武美弥子A Critical Edition of Manorathanandhin's Commentary on Pramāṇavārttika, Pratyakṣa Chapter, VV. 1-10法華仏教と関係諸文化の研究:伊藤瑞叡博士古稀記念論文集 通号 47 2013-02-28 1-14(L)詳細IB00208580A
MatsunagaYukeiA History of Tantric Buddhism in India高野山大学論叢 通号 12 1977-02-21 1-13(L)詳細IB00014348A-
松村淳子An Ancient Sinhalese Manuscript Discovered in Tibet and Preserved in Pekingパーリ学仏教文化学 通号 4 1991-05-01 67-83(L)詳細ありIB00036045A-
SasakiKazunoriA Precursory phrase of Tantric definition of Bodhicitta in the Śāntideva's Śikṣāsamuccaya印度学仏教学研究 通号 106 2005-03-20 38-40(L)詳細ありIB00086280A
葉少勇A Re-examination of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā on the Basis of the Newly Identified Sanskrit Manuscripts from Tibet創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 10 2007-03-31 149-170(L)詳細ありIB00132463A
葉少勇A Sanskrit folio of the Yuktiṣaṣṭikāvṛtti from Tibet創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 16 2013-03-31 233-240(L)詳細ありIB00132569A
AppleJames B.A Study and Translation of Atiśa’s Madhyamakopadésa with Indian and Tibetan CommentariesACTA TIBETICA ET BUDDHICA 通号 7 2014-11-30 1-82(L)詳細ありIB00219048A
SkillingPeterCandrakīrti and the Pūrvaśailas創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 16 2013-03-31 267-272(L)詳細ありIB00132572A
HahnMichaelCarpaṭi's Avalokiteśvarastotra奥田聖應先生頌寿記念インド学仏教学論集 通号 16 2014-03-30 51-67(L)詳細IB00128777A-
今枝由朗Chinese texts on the Tibetan king Glang Dar ma仏教学セミナー 通号 74 2001-10-30 26-38(L)詳細ありIB00027011A-
佐藤道郎Das Problem des Passivs zwischen dem Sanskrit und dem Tibetischen印度學佛敎學硏究 通号 36 1970-03-31 55-62(L)詳細ありIB00002999A
吉水千鶴子Dṛśya and Vikalpa or snang ba and btags pa Associated in a Conceptual CognitionDharmakīrti's Thought and Its Impact on Indian and Tibetan Philosophy 通号 36 1999-03-19 459-474(L)詳細IB00056084A-
MochizukiKaieOn the Commentary to the Bodhipathapradīpa by Co ne Grags pa bshad sgrub印度学仏教学研究 通号 106 2005-03-20 45-49(L)詳細ありIB00086269A
YonezawaYoshiyasuPratyekabuddhabhūmi Sanskrit Text and Annotated Translation三康文化研究所年報 通号 29 1998-03-30 9-25(L)詳細IB00036427A-
IshidaChikoSome New Remarks on the Bodhicaryāvatāra Chapter V印度学仏教学研究 通号 73 1988-12-01 34-37(L)詳細IB00007137A
範慕尤Some Remarks on the Relationship between a Sanskrit Manuscript of the Advayasamatāvijaya from Tibet and its Tibetan Translation創価大学国際仏教学高等研究所年報 通号 11 2008-03-31 375-380(L)詳細ありIB00132493A
AkahaneRitsuStudy on the Satyadvayavibhaṅga (2)印度学仏教学研究 通号 106 2005-03-20 41-44(L)詳細ありIB00086273A
芳村修基THE BUDDHIST ART OF THE NOMADIC PEOPLE西域文化研究 通号 5 1962-03-31 23-27(L)詳細IB00132421A-
Thupten CGyatsoThe Doctrine of Fire Maṇḍala (I)密教文化 通号 126 1979-03-15 62-52(L)詳細ありIB00016068A-
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